• FIND YOUR TOOLS FASTER – Sort and store at the same time so tools are always in the right place.  No more searching and squinting. 
  • FREE UP STORAGE SPACE – Low profile tray saves space and stores up to 28 tools in almost any drawer.  Measures 13.5”x10”x1.5”. 
  • STORE WIDE RANGE OF WRENCHES – Holds wrenches from ¼” – ¾” (7mm – 19mm) (max lengths from 6.5” – 9.5”)
  • PROTECT YOUR TOOLS – Tool sit inside tray, fully protected from scratches and dents
  • BUILT TO LAST – Wrench storage tray is made of durable ABS plastic and is built to withstand your toughest projects
  • SUPPORT JOBS IN THE USA – All Tool Sorter products are proudly made in the USA
  • Designed for drawer use – wrenches are not clipped or held in place
  • Tools not included


What the Pros Say

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Best Overall

FTool Sorter Wrench Organizer with Best Overall Awardor sorting, organizing, and storing standard (SAE) and metric wrenches in a securely enclosed case, Tool Sorter’s wrench organizer is hard to beat. It can hold up to 28 wrenches from 7mm or ¼-inch to 19mm or ¾-inch, with a length of up to 9½ inches. The compact case is made with storage and portability in mind, allowing you to keep it tucked away in a standard-sized drawer.  What makes this organizer truly unique is the integrated sizing bar that allows you to easily identify and sort your wrenches. Each storage slot is individually marked along the sizing bar so you can “slide, flip, and store” to identify and organize with ease. The main disadvantage is that the storage slots lack a mechanism for securely holding each individual wrench in place. Consequently, wrenches may fall out during transport or if the case is stored vertically. Aside from that issue, the Tool Sorter Wrench Organizer is a smart solution for wrench chaos.

Thomas Net logoBest Wrench Organizer for Tool Box—Tool Sorter

Tool Sorter - Best Wrench Organizer PictureWrenches from a ¼-inch to 9.5 inches in length can be neatly tucked away in this hard plastic tray from Tool Sorter that slides into toolboxes and chests. You can fit up to 20 wrenches in the main compartment, and eight in the smaller slots at the bottom. Aside from saving you room, the preprinted labels above each slot make the process of finding the right wrench quick and efficient. “It’s designed to hold two entire wrench sets in as minimal space as possible and that’s exactly what it does,” described one review. “Hands down [the] most effective tool organizers I’ve bought; I feel like I just got half a toolbox back.”

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Best Wrench Organizers

10. Tool Sorter Wrench Organizer

If you often lose or misplace your work wrenches at home or workshop, I advise you get this wrench organizer kit. This wrench storage kit is durable and keeps the wrenches well organized for easy access and picking. Just slip the wrenches on the storage compartments flip the cover to store.

This wrench storage kit is compatible with wrenches of size 6.5 to 9.5 inches long. The wrench organizer kit is suitable for SAE and metric wrenches of the indicated sizes.

What we like:
  • This wrench organizer is compact and light for easy transportation
  • Can store different sizes of wrenches
  • The organizer has durable materials construction
  • Easy to store and organize wrenches


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1. Tool Sorter 1011 Wrench Organizer – Best Overall


Tool Sorter Best Overall Award - Healthy HandymanOrganizing tools is all about saving time. In the spirit of saving time, you may want to know the best wrench organizer as soon as possible. In our opinion, the best possible organizer is the Tool Sorter Wrench Organizer.

It can store a large variety of wrenches, from 7 mm and 1/4-inch to 19 mm – 3/4-inch (up to 6.5-inch and 9.5-inch, respectively). It works for both metric and SAE wrenches, so it can store all of your wrenches.  And at 13.5″ x 10″ x 1.5″, the whole thing is nice and compact, which helps you to save space.

Not everything is perfect, though. The slide bar function doesn’t work as effectively as advertised. On top of that, the wrenches are likely to move around if you end up traveling with the organizer.

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Best Wrench Organizer Reviews | Top 5 Picks in 2021

Highlighted Features

  • You can keep both SAE wrench and metric wrench inside this wrench organizer.
  • It keeps your wrenches well-organized so that they don’t trip over each other. You can have easy access and easy tool-removing experience.
  • The labels help you quickly identify which wrench size you’re looking for.
  • It’s made of heavy-duty ABS plastic, so you can expect it to last for years.

Different wrenches need different wrench holders and organizers. You’ve got the metric wrenches, and here are the SAE wrenches. The SAE wrench organizers won’t fit the metric wrenches. The same goes for metric wrench organizers and SAE wrenches. So, you got to be careful while buying the organizers. You don’t want to mix them up.

However, if you’re the guy who doesn’t want to do all that math, you better get your hands on Tool Sorter wrench organizer.

Who cares if you have metric wrenches or SAE ones? This wrench organizer will fit all types of wrenches. Moreover, this wrench organizer also fits most of the standard tool chest drawers.

The way the manufacturers have designed this is amazing. You’ll find the difference if you keep a cheap wrench organizer by its side.

It has got size labels on it. You can keep your wrenches on the slot according to their size labels. It will make it easier to identify the wrench when you need them.

Besides, it will also help you see each wrench individually. Getting access to them is really easy as well. All you need to do is to pull the wrenches out.

The organizer won’t hold your wrenches so tight that you won’t be able to pull them easily. Nor it will hold them so easy that they will fall on the ground because of a simple shake, thanks to the slid-flip store.

It comes with a very compact shape. You can keep it anywhere you want even if you have space issues. Plus, since it’s lightweight, you can easily carry it with your bare hands.

The product is made of solid heavy-duty ABS plastic, so you don’t have to worry about the durability. This one will survive all the tough conditions and last for years.