Game changing organizers



“This thing is awesome. Very well thought out. … Hands down most effective tool organizer I’ve bough and I’ve bought many. I feel like I just got half a toolbox back..”


Quick, Easy, Convenient

  • Sort and organize at the same time
  • No more squinting to read labels
  • Portable and compact
  • Tough built from ABS Plastic
  • Made in the USA

Tool Sorter Logo with a variety of hand tools

Tool Sorter Organizers in Tool Chest Drawers


Tool Organizers Tame Your Toolbox

At the end of the day, you want to focus on your projects, not on rifling through your tool organizer to find the right tool.  Our tool organizers give you more time to focus on your projects by sorting and organizing tools as you store them so your tools are always where they belong.

We toughness-test all of our organizers with fully loaded drop tests and our famous “Tool Organizer vs pickup truck” tests.  Check out some of the tests on our YouTube channel.