• Durable and high quality – Made in USA
  • Quick & easy sorting with unique sorting bolts
  • Works for metric and SAE sockets
  • Holds sockets from 5/32″ to 7/16″ and 4 mm to 11 mm
  • Compact & Portable – 7.8″x8.25″x0.6″
  • Designed for drawer use – sockets stored on their sides – not clipped in place
  • Tools not included


What the Pros Say


The Best Socket Organizers

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tool sorter socket organizer

This tray is one of the most innovative we’ve seen. It’s designed to hold your sockets, and to help you measure them if you can’t read the labels on your sockets anymore, and it will also let you store all of your drive sizes in the same tray, with room for deep and shallow. Each slot has the similarly sized metric on one end and SAE on the other.

The hex-shaped simulated bolt lets you fit your sockets if the laser-etching or printing has long faded from their walls. Then you can store a shallow socket upright and one or more shallow or deep sockets on their sides. Because they’re laying on their side, you can put all three drive sizes in the same tray to help make work easier. This is ideal for dropping into your tool chest drawers to keep everything well organized, even wobble sockets and other specialty sockets.